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At Discovering Balance, we understand the unique needs of the North Tonawanda community. Our team of licensed counseling professionals is here to provide empathetic support and skill-based North Tonawanda counseling treatment tailored to your concerns. Whether you're a school-age child or an adult in North Tonawanda or need counseling services in Niagara County, we offer therapeutic strategies to help you achieve balance in various aspects of your life.

Our counseling services encompass a wide range of areas in North Tonawanda NY, including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, college students, young adults, ADHD assessment, treatment, and consultation. We also specialize in intellectual disabilities, life transitions, school-related issues, emotional disturbances, impulse control concerns, social skills, grief/loss, parent-child relationship concerns, self-esteem, women's issues, caregiver stress, family counseling, and adjustment issues.

Discovering Balance is committed to serving the North Tonawanda community, providing comprehensive and compassionate care to promote well-being and balance.

Counseling Services in North Tonawanda NY

At Discovering Balance, we embrace a personalized approach to transformation, acknowledging the unique needs of the North Tonawanda community. Our philosophy revolves around meeting you where you are and empowering you to leverage your inherent strengths for positive change. Our team of licensed counseling professionals in North Tonawanda specializes in various therapeutic modalities, ensuring a tailored and effective approach to your well-being.

Each of our North Tonawanda counselors is dedicated to providing expertise in at least one of the following modalities: trauma-informed care, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive-behavior therapy, positive psychology interventions, or strengths-based therapy. Discovering Balance is committed to supporting the residents of North Tonawanda on their journey towards positive transformation, utilizing a diverse range of therapeutic techniques to meet individual needs. Call us at (716) 810-2644 to get started.

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North Tonawanda Counseling Services - Teletherapy

We extend our support to the North Tonawanda community by providing face-to-face care through convenient online video teletherapy. Teletherapy serves as a solution to overcome obstacles to treatment, ensuring accessibility, flexibility in scheduling, and maintaining privacy for your North Tonawanda counseling services.

Getting started with teletherapy is simple and hassle-free. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer to access the care you require. Discovering Balance facilitates teletherapy through our user-friendly and HIPAA-compliant patient portal, making it easy for you to connect with our licensed professionals and receive the support you need, right from the comfort of your home in North Tonawanda. Fill out an intake form to get started today.

Our North Tonawanda Counseling Services Include:
  • Anxiety Counseling
  • Depression Counseling
  • PTSD Counseling
  • Adolescent Counseling
  • Marginalized Community Counseling
  • Young Adult Counseling
  • Life Transition Counseling
  • ADHD Assessment & Counseling
  • Caregiver Stress Counseling
  • Grief & Loss Counseling
  • Affordable Therapy